Christianity and Politics

... Where lies the boundary?


The race for the 2023 presidency is starting on a sagacious note. This time around, there seems to be a major deliberate false-start! Many will call it an early start but it is not, because a pause  will automatically follow. The language and game plan is best understood by those who understand the Nigerian political dynamics. One can only wish that this time around, like on few occasions in the past, that the major political gladiators are not running ahead of God. Otherwise, the 2023 presidential race will teach political actors hard lessons that  they  will not forget in a hurry.

The early moves have their direct and remote implications. First is the strategic determination to occupy the national political space when there is zero competitor, thereby taking advantage of the weak or non-existing  organised political resistance within the ruling party, her most formidable opponents and sociocultural pressure groups.

Another reason for the 'false-start' strategy is to measure the ferocity of attacks and the strength of obvious resistance that must build up gradually but surely as opponents wake up, and to develop the appropriate action plans to checkmate every serious move by the opposing forces.

No doubt, it is also real wisdom to wade-off political feather-weights from the onset, so that the race does not become too wearisome for the presidential hopefuls as a result of the entrance of numerous aspirants whose real ambition is the glory of being listed among the presidential aspirants or securing a political appointment at the end of the many troubles of daring to be the president of the most popular and populous black nation on earth. 

On his own,  the Osinbajo that I know will not oppose Tinubu. However,  only those who are ignorant of the ways of God will write-off Osinbajo as one of the probable occupants of the most exalted democratic office in Nigeria come 2023.

... Stay connected and get interested in the moves of God to make Nigeria a holy, prosperous and united country. SHALOM

God bless Nigeria and her people.


   It will be one speech many voices should Femi Gbajabiamila emerge the Speaker of the Ninth Federal House of Representatives that will by the grace of God be inaugurated in less than two months from today. Even his opponents are intimidated by his political pedigree.Having spent Sixteen unbroken years in the Lower Chamber of the National Assembly, one time Minority Leader and then another term as Majority Leader of the same Chamber. Only law makers with the credentials of the Pelosis of this world can boast of a better record.

With the voice of the most highly referred political god-father in APC speaking the same language as the blunt President and other power gladiators within the party that has now gotten its rhythm when it comes to party discipline, only a few extenuating political circumstances can unsettle Gbajabiamila and the voices that have agreed to anoint him as the next man to occupy the office that ranks fourth in the political hierarchy of Nigeria or what is otherwise known as the order of precedence.

This is not to say that there are no opposing interests and ambitions. However, most of those voices are either by groups that have not sown enough political seed to reap the harvest of an exalted post as that of the Speaker of the House of Representatives or in want of someone with sufficient credentials, or both.