Christianity and Politics

... Where lies the boundary?


here we mind our business

And we show others how to mind theirs’!

…Our central business is to build builders, and our goal is to lead the pathway to a United, Prosperous and

God-fearing nation – NIGERIA.


I regard my mailing list as an ‘honour list’, and I register my profound gratitude for your kind permission to allow me place further demand on your already busy schedule. I promise to be brief as a mark of respect for your precious time.

Ruminating on the level of societal decadence and the current trend of ignoble religious terrorism in the land, it is obvious that we are passing through the most trying times in our national history. A time for the sound of the bell to be certain, so that patriots do not embark on a mission without a direction. Not many patriotic and God-fearing citizens will covet the job of Buhari/Osinbajo in the present circumstance; safe for those whose motive is anything but noble. These times therefore call for sober reflection, and it is practically begging for rebirth.


One paradox that I found difficult to understand since my teenage years and which has never ceased to be my focus and the major course to which I have directed my strength ever since is the believe that politics in Nigeria is largely reserved for a crowd of scoundrels, ritual killers and day-light robbers, while at the same time this heavily religious society is praying that God should reign in the land! For a long time I just could not stop wondering how ‘filthy politicians’ will establish the God-fearing nation we are praying for, and I wonder even up till now how Nigerians that think politics is synonymous with sin still pray for God-fearing leaders to reign in the land!



Today, there is hardly any nation on this planet whose image is more dented and whose reputation is more damaged than Nigeria. With the state of our nation contradicting the pious disposition of many of her wonderful people, the world has come to the conclusion that this must be a nation full of ‘bloody hypocrites’… I make bold to say that this is not the correct assessment of this great nation, Nigeria. The truth about Nigeria is that aside of isolated cases, when it comes to politics, Nigeria has never fielded her ‘first eleven,’ rather, it has been the sixth, seventh, eighth, or even the last eleven that have dominated the business of governance. To make matters worse, the bulk of those that have the moral and intellectual capacity to lead the nation ignorantly assume that they are TOO HONEST, TOO REFINED and TOO HOLY to lead ‘filthy NIGERIA!’


I am not necessarily inviting you to the political arena, but I am definitely inviting you to exemplary governance at whatever rung of the leadership ladder you presently occupy. I am not asking you to be another Macaulay, Zik, Awolowo or Sardauna, but I am asking you to believe in the ability of Nigeria to excel as a nation. You may not be Enahoro, but you can be another voice that is needed to speak for the true liberty and unity of Nigeria. You may be that ray of light from a vista that will encourage the younger generations that those that live in hope should not die in despair. I am calling you to be an agent of the change you have prayed for in Nigeria. To kick-start the tomorrow of Nigeria you envisage from the territory of your living room… Arise now. Nigeria needs you! You are the hero we have been waiting for.


Once again thank you for being generous with your time. I will always appreciate your comment, and so will the good people of Nigeria.

Have a pleasant day,

Omidiji Olabode Joel