Christianity and Politics

... Where lies the boundary?


The phobia for politics by genuinely born again, spirit filled children of God all over the world is quite understandable, most especially in the third world countries where the game of politics is rarely played by the rule. However, the unpleasant reality that should give any true believer a serious concern is the fact that no ungodly individual and group of individuals will ever have what it takes to run a godly government. It also takes no extra wit to understand that it is extremely difficult to lead a quiet and righteous life under corrupt and ungodly leadership.

The questions begging for answers are therefore many: Are genuine Christians supposed to take part in partisan politics? To what extent should a Christian be involved in politics? Is there any real or imaginary boundary beyond which a Christian must never go? Is the risk higher in politics than in other vocations? Can politics be the real calling of a Christian? What is in the mind of God when it comes to His children participating in politics? The questions are too numerous to list, but there is no better time to answer them than now.



God is never caught unawares by any situation in the world. We are the ones to mature into His purpose and plans through divine revelations, inspirations and deeper knowledge searched out from old but yet to be discovered Biblical truths. One of such areas requiring extensive search for scriptural fundamental revelations is the relationship between Christianity and politics. This is the vision behind this site and readers are encouraged to post their comments, further questions or kick-start a discussion with me today.